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Lightweight down feathers are a great layer of bedding any time of the year. Down is the perfect filling for a duvet because it is a thermal insulator that is light, fluffy and airy. Duvets filled with down come in a variety of weights. You can choose a weight that suits the season.

Down is the under layer of feathers on birds. Goose down is very soft and lightweight and is usually used in comforters. The feathers trap air and are loose in structure. Used in comforters, they keep your body temperature at a consistent level providing a comfortable sleep.

Fill weight is the measurement that determines the warmth of the comforter. This refers to the amount and distribution of the feathers. The higher the fill weight, the denser the feathers. A higher fill weight will be warmer. The average fill weight is 550. A special quality of a down comforter is that even with a high fill weight, the covering is still light and airy.

Another important factor of a down comforter is it's stitching. The outer covering can have box-stitching. This helps keep the feathers in place. Baffel-box stitching is stitching through a piece of fabric covering the feathers. This helps secure the feathers even more.

If a down comforter is properly taken care of, it will last. A duvet cover will protect the outer shell and the feathers. Duvet covers come in many styles and colors. It can easily be removed and washed.

Lightweight down comforters provide warmth without the weight of a heavy comforter or blanket. They provide airiness and softness. With a lightweight down comforter, you can have a luxurious and restful night's sleep.